Rhonda helped me stay organized and kept me accountable so that I would not miss any deadlines. With the help of her advice and guidance on everything from getting letters of recommendation to writing essays, I got into several of my dream schools and am now attending UT Austin.

Charlie T.

Rhonda's tutoring and counsel were critical in guiding me to where I am today. She helped me narrow down my career path, majors, and college choices, discovering great fits and options all over the country. She also tutored me on the SAT and ACT, helping me greatly improve my scores on both. Thanks to her, I couldn't be happier than where I am today!

Ethan H.

Rhonda has been such a huge help with our daughter this year as she navigated the college search. She has such great insight into the application process, which has changed so much over the years. She helped our daughter in so many ways: encouraging her to stay calm, keeping up with deadlines, and reviewing essays, to name a few. Above all, Rhonda was easy to access and has been a positive force cheering her along the whole way. We can’t wait to see where she decides to go. I would highly recommend Rhonda and her services. Our daughter loved working with her. (Update: she chose USC!). :)

Kirsten H.

Rhonda did an exceptional job tutoring my son for the SAT. As an athlete who is more concerned with the football & lacrosse fields, there was a little bit of a push back when my husband and I encouraged him to see Rhonda. He thoroughly enjoyed their first meeting and quickly developed a relationship that fit his personality. Her coaching embedded the tools and skills needed to feel confident leading up to and during his first SAT! He scored a 1310 on his first test. He's actually excited to continue practicing for the SAT next year. I highly recommend Rhonda.

Sarah R.

I would highly recommend Rhonda to anyone looking for someone to help coach their child through the college application processes or improve their SAT scores.

Rhonda guided my daughter through the college application process and helped her brainstorm ideas for many different essays required on applications. She also helped her set goals and study for the SAT (which she would have never done on her own). I really appreciated how flexible Rhonda was when it came to scheduling times to meet with her after school sports activities.

I am so thankful I had Rhonda there to help support our family through this stressful time. Thank you so much!

Loire F.

Rhonda Buck has helped my daughter prepare for her SAT exam and has been the most patient, kind, warm, understanding coach my daughter has ever had. My kiddo struggles with a short attention span so taking these long tests is arduous for her. Rhonda taught her the strategies she needed to be able to see through the irrelevant info on the test and focus on the relevant information. This helped my daughter's frustration level a great deal. The strategies Rhonda taught were extremely helpful to my daughter, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rhonda’s skills as a teacher and also her warmth and compassion and PATIENCE for the kids and families she is helping during a very stressful time. I am so grateful for her services and support to my daughter and our family!! She made a world of difference to us!! THANK YOU RHONDA!!!!

Rachel R.

Rhonda is an amazing math coach. She really knows how to connect with a student and meet them on their level, and then elevate them to the next. She has a great communication style that really engages and makes the sessions truly accomplished. Highly recommend her. She is amazing!!

Dawn F.

Rhonda helped our son get his college applications done! She is full of extremely helpful (and current!) knowledge and advice, helped him put things into spreadsheets and deadlines, helped him create a resume, edited his application essays, and more. We honestly could not have done it without her!

Lisa B.

I really appreciated all that Rhonda did to help my son prepare for the SAT. She had amazing resources and a well laid out timeline for him to follow. Her encouragement and support were beyond my expectations. I would recommend Rhonda Buck and Buck Consulting to anyone with a high schooler needing extra coaching for college prep services.

Audrey R.

Rhonda has great knowledge not just for prep for the exams but also the whole college application process. She is able to guide kids to get started, complete essays, and complete the application process whether that is common app or other state specific applications. Rhonda is also very knowledgeable on the whole scholarship process as well. Even more impressive, she is able to do this successfully remotely via phone and computer as we live in Bend, Oregon. Thank you, Rhonda, for helping our son get so many college options and acceptances.

Monica S.

Rhonda helped my son prepare for his second attempt at the PSAT. She offered him the tools to gain the skills and confidence that will help him get a better score. I really saw a changed attitude in him and was thrilled that he enjoyed working with Rhonda. My son can be quick to give up, but he did the work, and I proud of him for that and thankful that Rhonda help him set his goals higher! He took the test yesterday and he felt good about it. I will update this post once we get his scores. Update... He continued to work with Rhonda on SAT prep and college applications. All the work that they did paid off! He got a perfect score in Math on his SAT and got into several of his dream schools. She raised the bar for him and helped him exceed his own expectations. I highly recommend Rhonda’s college prep services!

Jodi T.

When it came to studying for the SATs and applying to colleges, I was completely clueless but determined to get into a good school. Rhonda gave me the direction and confidence I needed to be successful. She went above and beyond to help me not only discover the right schools for me but the major I wanted to pursue as well. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to get into all six schools I applied to, including my dream school: Cal Poly. Rhonda genuinely cares for all the students she works with and is always willing to provide extremely helpful advice. I have recommended her to all my friends who are applying to colleges this year.

Alissa F.

I am so grateful for Rhonda’s guidance with helping my son prep for the SAT and ACT, in addition to helping him narrow down his college choices and guiding him through the application process. Not only did my son complete his college applications in a timely manner, he was able to pace his college prep with the demands of his heavy senior year classwork and varsity sports. Her persistent and gentle reminders held my son accountable and kept him on track. Rhonda genuinely cares for her students, and I highly recommend including Rhonda to help with prepping your senior!

Applying to college would have taken countless more hours of work without Rhonda Buck's help! Her coaching helped me navigate the ridiculous maze of college application preparation and submission. Every meeting we had lifted stress and anxiety from my shoulders. It felt great to know that someone with such a thorough understanding of the system had my back the entire way!

Aidan C.

Maureen H.