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SAT and College Prep

Empowering students to achieve their potential


What does it take to get a good SAT score? How does your student write effective college application essays? Rhonda is here to help! For high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors, she offers SAT (and PSAT) strategy and tutoring sessions, college application assistance, essay development/editing, and effective strategies to yield powerful letters of recommendation. Services are tailored to unlock each student's potential. In addition, Rhonda can provide math tutoring for students needing extra help with algebra or geometry.

SAT Prep

Rhonda's SAT Preparation service helps students prepare for the most prominent standardized test by teaching strategies and providing practice through personalized study sessions.

College Prep

Navigating college applications can be daunting. Rhonda can help students identify schools to pursue and guide students through the application process.

Math Tutoring

When schoolwork proves challenging, Rhonda can help students succeed in classes with her individual tutoring sessions and flexible availability.